Our Mission

At Bourgeois McGinn Builders, we believe in delivering strong value for our customers. We achieve this by taking extra time in the pre-construction process to generate an accurate budget and timeline, using software and technology to more precisely manage the construction process, while still maintaining a detailed hands on approach to execute quality craftsmanship for all our clients- big and small.  


The success of any project starts with good design that is custom tailored to each client’s needs. We have worked with many of the best architects and designers from around the country and understand the importance of executing the intent of the design in the construction process.  If you have an architect or designer you would prefer to use we would love the opportunity.  In addition our staff includes an in-house designer with over 15 years of experience in custom projects across the country.


Before we swing the first hammer, it is important to understand the cost and timeline of each design. Through the pre-construction process, we are able to select materials and explore the scope of each project in detail to outline a budget that meets our client’s needs and delivers a product that will stand the test of time.


Our team has decades of experience building custom homes, remodels, and additions. We believe that what separates us from our competitors is our understanding and ability to execute the smallest and most technical of details. We personally check on each job site every day to achieve the highest level of craftsmanship. This coupled with technology allows us to be dynamic throughout the build process to meet all of our clients needs. We walk every client through the entire build process ensuring that no detail is over looked. Anyone can build a home but very few can build a Bourgeois Mcginn home.

Life Long Relationship: 

The intimacy of each client relationship is one of the many rewards we are grateful for in our industry. The friendships forged during the custom build process are just the beginning of the journey. Bourgeois McGinn clients have the comfort of knowing that we are always on call for all of their household needs. Clients can enjoy the comfort knowing that we stand behind our product.